Dwarven Thoughts: Movement

With my recent tournament at Storm over Stirling I have found myself thinking more and more about what I want to do with my Dwarf army.

The list I produced the night before the tournament performed well, although there were a few areas that I needed to look into.

Storm over Stirling!

This weekend I had a Warhammer tournament. I haven't played Warhammer since November, so the 6 games this weekend will get me upto speed and back in the grove!

Tau Delays!

So for anyone that might not be aware, GW has a shipping problem. I tell you this, not to poke fun at GW (yes because I like their games, I like them, if I hated GW the way some people who play the games do I wouldnt play!).

For full details click here.

For a brief overview see below:

In essence if you ordered anything Tau related with the New Releases after 4pm on Tuesday, then it wont ship till Monday 8th April. So basically Games Workshop massively under estimated the demand for the new Tau models.

Personnally I can't remember any other release that has had this type of problem so either Games Workshop are cutting back on their production of new release products, or Tau are going to have a massive increase in the number of people playing them...

I imagine this will apply to alot of GW stockists in the UK, and might affect other parts of the world, so be aware!

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