More Necron Pics!

Just got my new White Dwarf, and found some pictures of the new Necron Items coming soon!
Thought some of you might enjoy seeing them too!

Showcase Friday: Paint it Yellow!

Show case Friday is upon us again!

However this time, I am not going to showcase just one model!  

My Tau so far...

Hey there Dragkon here

So alot of stuff going on about the Tau Empire over these last few weeks. Which made me drag my tau out of the dark corner they have been hiding in for the last year or so. This gave Kraggi a great idea of how many points are my Tau and then find out how many points they are in the new Codex.

Another Live Video Blog!

A quick plug for another Blogger out there.
Joey Berry is doing a live stream, answering questions & painting.
If you are around and free, worth checking it out!

Space Wolves with Space Marine Allies

Something my Brother and I have been bouncing around, a slightly different list to that which I see most of the time.
More after the jump!

Necron's 2000 Points

Necrons at 2000 points which I am very happy with, it has a good amount of Firepower, and also falls into the AV13 flying wall.

Showcase Friday: Imperial Fist Chapter Master

I met a Gentleman named Hunterpest (well obviously not but this is the internet after all!) at my recent tournament.

He had an Imperial Fist army, that looked amazing, and was attending his first tournament.

Imperial Armour 12 - The Necrons are coming!

Look what just dropped into my inbox...

Tomb Stalker - WiP

I recently purchased two of these for my Necrons. Think they will be very amusing against Dark Eldar at least!

More after the jump (lots of pictures)

A Tale of three lists - 1750 Edition

I have been asked to expand on a Necron & Grey Knight Alliance idea I proposed back in August last year. 

Chaos of the Warp Campaign Weekend

So this weekend we have a two day tournament, forgeworld allowed, teams (Good v Bad) and 8 players.

Resin Dwarves!

Oh boy, Warhammer Forge decide to do non Chaos Dwarves... this can only be a bad thing for me!!!

More Info here.

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