A Dwarven Tale

Another entry in my journal, it has been several weeks since I last managed to write of our journey. A lot has happened since then.

We lost the Slayers in an ambush we suffered one night. We had settled down and the Slayers had decided to stay up drinking… twas a good thing they did. They were able to leap to our defence when the Chaos scum descended on us. They bought us enough time to form a line of defence to repel them.

The time they bought us cost them dearly, with all of our Slayers dying. Glakor himself was the last to fall surrounded by Warriors of Chaos. Glorious deaths that we will make sure tales are told of.

Our losses were dear, with the Runesmith Varek also falling in the onslaught. We held them all night until they retreated in the Morning Mist. Thane Grungi Hammerblow was also injured in the fighting, his injuries were not mortal, but did incapacitate him to the point where I once again assumed command.

With our Ammunition supplies running low, the Thunderers stowed their weapons and took our fallen comrades Heavy Armour and Shields. This bolstered the numbers of Dwarves I had to command that were heavily armoured.

When we had buried our losses we set off after the Chaos Scum. Many of their Warriors had fallen, their numbers had been greatly reduced and I reckoned we would be evenly matched. Not that it mattered… either way this third time we would win.

It took us two days of hard marching to catch them up, and another three before they would engage us in battle. When we met them I found out why. They had brought a Hellcannon to the fray, with our accursed kin manning it. A sight that was enough to make my stomach turn.

We formed up in a large block of Dwarves ready to combat them. I also carried with me an Oathstone. The one that Thane Grungi had made we swear upon. My Oath was to avenge our fallen upon these Chaos Scum. The bravery an Oathstone instils in our folk is hard to describe, for we are already some of the most brave and stubborn creatures in this land, yet its Burden was a heavy one, not physically… but on the oaths I had sworn on it.

The battle with the Chaos was short lived. We lured their Calvary and their largest block of Warriors into charging us. When they did I place the Oathstone on the ground, my Warriors formed up ready for the battle be it victory or a last stand. When the two enemy formations met with us the battle was fierce, and the Chaos Champion made straight for me, our duel was brief as neither of us could land a telling blow.

The Longbeards I was with… I have never had such an honour as I did that day. They were unbelievable. Charged on two sides with the odds against us they dug deep and slew many of the enemy, enough of them that the broke and fled. The Champion himself stood facing me, unmoving. Even as his followers fled he stood ready to fight, and fight him I did. He threw everything at me, yet my armour held strong, and my return blow severed his head from his shoulders. With their General Dead their will crumpled. The Hellcannon and our accursed kin did little damage before leaving us, while a lone Chaos Chariot killed our Warriors and damaged one of the cannons before fleeing our retribution

We left the site of the battle that evening, ready to return to our hold. We were nearly a two week March from the hold itself, and took the time to gather our wounded, dead and supplies for the journey.

Five days after the battle and our vengeance against the Chaos we fell afoul of the Dark Raiders. Elves, Chaos worshipping maybe, but Elves nevertheless. Looking back on it, I believe we could have avoided them, but less than 10 days march from our hold I could not ignore such a threat.

We met them in battle and once again my battle hardened force prevailed! Their accursed Hydra barely had time to move in range of our Cannons before they killed it. Their foul magic’s, caused us little concern I knew they were trying to use them against us from the prickling in my skin, however we never saw any harm caused because of it. Magic… give me a stout axe, or well made Gun any time.

In combat they were lightning fast but could not find away around our armour, their Noble challenge me and I gladly accepted. This duel certainly deserved the name with both of us trading blows and wounds. However once again my Longbeard companions caused so many casualties to the Elves that they ran… pansy Elves. Can’t stand up in a real fight.

As they fled we pursued them, and in their panic we wiped them out. Only to find ourselves running into a hail of Crossbow fire from the warriors with their Magician. We charged them too, their fear of us made them run, but not fast enough to avoid our Blades.

As I surveyed the battlefield, I saw we had lost only one of our Cannons to the cursed Cold One Knights. Cavalry, I despise any creature that forces another creature to carry it into battle. The gods gave us legs! These Cold Ones soon fled when they saw what remained of my force bearing down on them. Another victory for us… another threat removed.

Now I will tell you of the Final Battle we had on our journey home. My time grows short and I hope I can complete my account. The dishonour of this defeat weighs heavily on me, as I led my Dwarves… too confident in my leadership… to prideful of my ability.

Not two days march from our hold we encountered the Greenskin. Our Eon’s old enemy. Even now, weak as I am, the anger I feel, the hatred of their kind… if one appeared in front of me now, even on the edge of death I would fight, and fight until they were all dead or till my last breath.

The Greenskin. Our Eon’s old enemy, my downfall. We met them before they had time to raise one of their cursed Waaghs. Their forces were not as numerous as they would become.

I have to praise our Thunderers who had donned Warriors armour. We had but one formation of them left due to our losses in the previous battles. With only 10 Dwarves in the formation, they charged forward, engaging the ongoing Snotlings. Just as they did so the Night Goblins released three Fanatics, which careened through their Snotlings and into our Dwarves. Many Snotlings died, however the Fanatics killed nine of our Dwarves! The lone survivor held his nerve and ran the Snotlings down! Never a more courageous thing have I seen.

As myself and the Longbeards moved wearily to avoid the Fanatics, the goblins milled around in confusion, for some reason the sight one of standard bearing Dwarf charging towards them stopped them in their tracks! They paused long enough to allow him to charge their Magician! Who promptly turned and fled. The time and chaos he bought us was amazing, as the fanatics crashed into each other and killed themselves, he bought us time to get into position for them.

His heroics ended when the Orc Warboss charged and killed him, just as he turned to flee and lure him out of position. Even though… the Warboss was out in the open now. No longer protected in the rabble of Orcs.

I signalled to the cannons and they unleashed shot after shot at him. The first few missed while they got their range, then one of them hit the Beast full in the chest… a roar erupted from the throats of all the Dwarves on the battlefield…. Only to be cut short as the Greenskin picked itself up and threw the Cannon ball back at us. It fell far short… but the statement was well received.

We moved forward, to be charged by the Night Goblin formation, their movement seemed incredibly fast, but the familiar prickling to my Skin told me that the Greenskin Magician had used magic to hasten their movement. Even with their foul magic on their side they caused us no problem, not harming even one of us, while we wiped them out, and chased down the few survivors.

Our momentum carried us into a large mob of Orc’s with Spears. With the Battle fever on us we wiped them out, and sent them running too, however at this point I saw how poorly our favour had left us placed. Between the Orc Beast, another formation of Orcs and their Chariot things did not look good. I called our Dwarves back, halting the Pursuit of the fleeing Orcs, and reforming us ready for the Charge’s that I knew were coming. I placed the Oathstone, knowing that we would need all of our strength to survive the next few minutes…

All of them charged, pretty much the whole of the Orc forces descended on us… the Carnage was brutal. Their Boss challenged me, and like so many before him, his attacks proved useless, barely scratching me, my response took off one of his knees, and then caved in his Skull. Alas… even killing their leader did not save my Dwarves, the Carnage wreaked upon them was too much, and even their Dwarven stubbornness could not prevent them breaking… as I was swept along with them, the Oathstone left behind under Orcish feet, we were run down by their Chariot, it drove through us killing many, and scattering our remaining strength.

From where I lay on the Battlefield, I saw the Cannon shot that killed their Chariot. I also saw their Magicians head explode, the price you pay for channelling foul magic. I then heard manic shrieking, that the Cannoneers that carried me from the Battlefield told me was one of their Contraptions exploding mid use, killing all of its attendants.

At this point the Orcs pulled back, unwilling to face the firepower of the Cannons we had remaining.

I believe we stopped any potential Waagh… with their General dead they will need to find another leader to unite them. Hopefully they will just go back to squabbling among themselves.

In the end there is little physical pain. Only the unbearable pain of the shame I brought on my clan. Leaving my Oathstone like that… the dishonour is something I could never atone for, even if I had the time and the strength to do so.

These are the last works of Karzak Gurnissan, to be known from this day forward as only Karzak. I now have no clan, as I take the path of the Slayer, for the minutes, hours, days or years I have left. I cannot see me lasting the night, but at least now the honour of my Dwarves will be known, and my Clan will know of the Dishonour I need to atone for.

Warhammer Escalation League, Round 2 - Game 3

My Third and final game of the month was against Shaun and his Orcs and Goblins.

His list looked a little bit like this:

Black Orc Boss (Hero)
Goblin Shaman (Level 2)
20 Night Goblins with Spears, 3 Fanatics
20 Orcs with Spears
20 Orcs with 2 Hand Weapons
5 Snotling Bases
1 Boar Chariot
Goblin Doom Diver

The Goblin Shaman was not in a unit at the beginning of the game, the Black Orc was in the Unit with two hand weapons.

I won the roll to go first, so took the advanatages that I could.

Turn 1

I marched my 10 Man unit of Dwarf Warriors towards the enemy line in the hope of getting the fanatics in the open as early as possible.

The Longbeards and the Dwarf Lord moved along behind them. My two cannons shooting was a spectacular failure, with the one shooting at the DoomDiver overshooting, and the one shooting at the Black Orc undershooting and landing on 1 Goblin. I then preceded to roll a 1 to wound... good times.

In Shauns turn he moved all of his units forward except for the Doom Diver (obviously), his Shaman moved up along side his units, and the Snotlings moved directly towards my 10 man unit of Dwarves.

His Magic was no big problem, with a bit of extra movement on his Goblins which I let through and his foot of Gork which I dispelled.

The Doomdiver targeted one of my Cannons and missed dramatically.

Turn 2
This time I had a chance to test out the new charge of the Dwarfs... I declared one with my Warriors on the Snotlings, aware that the Night Goblins were exactly 8" behind the front of the Snotling bases... I really wanted those Fanatics out of the way early.

I made the charge after the Snotlings elected to stand and take it. 1 Fanatic fell short of reaching the Snotlings, the other two hit both units.

2D6, Strength 5, Armour Piercing wounds on each unit... this didnt go well. In the end Shaun lost 3 bases of Snotlings which wasnt an issue as they are Immune to Psycholgy, I also lost 9 out of 10 Dwarves, leaving just my Standard standing. He fortunately passed his panic check!

My Shooting phase was once again ineffective, with a shot at the Orc Warboss once again overshooting and the same on the Doomdiver.

In Combat the snotlings all missed their attacks against the Standard bearer. In response he hit them, but didnt wound them. This meant... I won combat by 2, 1 for the Standard and 1 for Charging. The Snotlings failed their test and broke, and I pursued them, catching them and wiping them out 2" in front of the Goblins.

In Shauns second turn the Goblins failed their Anomosity test, which meant both units of Orcs stuck behind them were unable to do anything else this turn. The Dwarf Standard bearer was at this point chomping on the bit to get at more greenskins.

His two fantics collided in front of my Longbeards killing each other, while the third spun towards his Boar Chariot.

Again the Magic and shooting where ineffective with only 3 Longbeards dying to a Foot of Gork I let through, to stop the Hand of Gork (if i get the names wrong I am sorry) from making the Goblins Charge.

His Doom Diver once again targetted one of my Cannons and missed again.
Turn 3:

My turn... and more movement from me Dwarfs (an unsual thing for me). The Longbeards moving up, and the lone Dwarf Standard declaring a Charge on the... Goblin Shaman who elected to flee rather than stand and take it. I didnt manage to catch him tho.

This time my Shooting again proved useless... one cannon misfiring and having to mis a turns shooting, the other once again failing to do anything.

In the Orc n Goblin turn 3, he charged his Warboss at the Dwarf Standard... I fled and he caught me (pretty sure it was a bad idea either way), but at least the Warboss was out of the unit.

The Shaman rallied before hitting the boardedge which was unfortunate.

His Night Goblins advanced on my Longbeards, while both units of Orcs and the Chariot moved towards my lone unit. The one remaining fantic kept spinning towards the Chariot.

In his Magic phase, I failed to stop his foot of Gork on my Cannon and it took 3 Wounds off me, while his hand of Gork got an irresistable and made the Goblins charge my Longbeards. The Goblin gained Frenzy and Stupidity as a result of the miscast.

Once again the Doom diver did nothing in the shooting phase.

In combat, the Night Goblins and Longbeards fought like wild animals such was their hatred. The end result... 13+ dead Night Goblins to no deaths for the Longbeards. They promptly fled to be chased down by the angry Dwarves!

Turn 4:

My Turn 4 rolled on (as it generally does). I declared a Charge against the Orc Spear unit with my Longbeards.

My shooting phase I had the Orc Warboss in my sights and managed to score a hit this time! My second attempt to roll a wound got me a... 1... again. So the warboss lived.

The Combat phase when the same way as the last one against the Goblins. Turns out that Longbeards are remarkably good at killing Orcs. Another massacre in Combat res left the orces needing a double 1 to pass which they failed.

At this point I had a decision to make. In my Zest and Orc killing rage I had left this unit between the Orc Boyz with two Hand Weapons, and the Chariot. No Way I could get them both in my Front. I had my free reform if I didnt pursue, so I had 3 Choices.

1. Pursue and hope I rolled more than 5" so I was out of both their Charge Arcs.
2. Reform to face one of them (the Orc Boys) in my Horde Formation.
3. Reform into a 5 wide formation for steadfast, well hopefuly steadfast.

I chose option 2, present my rear to the Chariot. I knew the Oathstone would help here, and was relatively confident either way as the last two combats had gone so well.

Shaun's turn 4, he delcared charges with the Chariot, Orcs and his Boss. I stood and took it, placing the Oathstone in the process.

His Magic phase was subdued as his Shaman was obviously being driven into a Frenzy of Stupidity or something. His shooting phase had a Misfire with the Doom Diver taking a wound from the failure and not being allowed to shoot next turn.

In Combat, his Chariot killed 5 Dwarves with its impact hits. The Dwarf Lord challenge the Orc Boss who accepted. The blow struck were tremendous, with the Lord taking a wound and the Black Orc dying under the blows he recieved... a small victory this round.

The rest of the combat went badly with me losing the combat by 8... then failing my leadership test and being run down by the chariot! A lot of points gone, and me being reduce to just two cannons now.

Turn 5:

With no movement left I knew I needed a mircale to slavage the game.

My shooting proved ok this time, with one cannon overshooting the oncoming boys and destroying the Chariot behind them. They failed their panic check and fled.

The other cannon once again did nothing of note, missing the Doom Diver.

The Orcs turn consisted in him Rallying his boys and preparing for another advance on me.

The Magic phase once again proved a bust for him, and his Doom Diver couldnt shoot this turn.

Turn 6:

My Cannons knew they couldnt be charged this turn.. however they still managed to do 0 damage.

In Shauns turn he managed to draw the game for me. If he had done nothing he had the win... however he decided that an Orc (or Goblin) wouldnt sit idly by when so close to victory.

His Shaman tried to cast foot of Grok on the Cannon with one wound remaming... he miscast, caused no wounds with the spell and had his Shamans head explode!

The Doom Diver then tried the same thing, misfired and destroyed itself.

In Summary:

As the dust settled and we counted the cost of the game it turned out Shaun had won by 95 points... 5 short of the required 100 to win the game?!!

The last turn swung it back to me, after my suicidal use of the Longbeards had thrown away the advantage.

My Unit of the Game has to be the Dwarf Warriors, running down the Snotlings got me their points back, and pulling the Fantics out away from my forces was crucial. The bonus that the caused the Shaman to flee was just pure awesome, and their unfortunate end at the hands of the Black Orc boss was less than ideal, but overall they did a damn good job against the odds.

Warhammer Escalation League, Round 2 - Game 2

December Game 2:

Well no pictures from this game, as it was a bit of pure luck that I managed to get to play it.

My Opponent was Stuart with his Dark Elves. Now I know a lot about Dark Elves, and that proved useful in this game.

Stuart had:
Level 1 Sorcerss (with a spell familiar or some such)
Master; With a 1+ save, and a Whip of Str5, AP

20 Corsairs with Frenzy Banner
10 Repeater Crossbowmen
5 Cold One Knights
1 Hydra

I won the roll to go first.

This game could have gone one of two ways, and after the 1st Turn amounted to no Casaulaties on either side we rolled round to turn 2.

In my Turn 2, by Dwarf Warriors and Dwarf Longbeards advanced, lining themselves up opposite the Repeater Crossbows, and the Corsairs.

My Cannons took care of the Hyrdra, or rather the one with the Rune of Burning did.

In Stuarts Turn 2 he charged by Dwarf Warriors who stood and took the charge... mainly because I forgot he had the Master there otherwise I would have fled.

Stuart then skipped to the shooting phase missing his Magic phase entirely. I then did whatever a good opponent would do... I compromised.

I offered him his Magic phase, if he would let me change my charge reaction. Something I forgot for something he forgot. He decided he wanted his magic phase and his Corsairs would redirect into my Longbeards (which was fine with me). I would like to point out at this time, I was more than happy to continue with him missing the Magic phase, and if he had remebered before starting his shooting attacks on me I would have allowed him to take his magic phase regardless.

The Dwarf Warriors fled 7". In his Magic phase he got a grand total of... 2 Power dice. Of which I managed to stop any incoming spells that worried me.

In the combat phase the Master Killed 4 Longbeards, with his Corsairs adding 1 more to the tally. By response my Longbeards killed 7 of his, the end result? I won combat by 1. He passed his Leadership check, so we stayed and fought.

In my next turn I tried a couple of Pot shots with the Cannons but didnt get much and my Dwarf Warriors Rallied. One of which rolled a Misfire and couldnt shoot next turn, the other of which failed to hit anythign with its Grapeshot.
In the second round of combat I challenged his Hero with my Dwarf Lord, I caused 1 wound and he caused 2.

I managed to (quite impressively) only hit with 1 out of my 8 attacks with my Dwarf Lord, across two rounds of combat, needing threes in each round. First against the Corsairs, then again against the Hero.

Then the Corsairs attacked, this time without Frenzy as they had lost combat, they caused no wounds. In response I killed 7 more Corsairs, which broke their unit. As they ran I caught them, which left me only 1" from the Repeater Crossbows.

In his following turn his Cold One Knights charged one of my Cannons... and didnt manage to kill it in combat as I still had one wound and passed my break check.

The shooting and magic did no damage to my Longbeards, who now look on meancingly at the Elves.

In my turn I charged his Crossbowmen who decided to flee (I was too close to stand and shoot at), unfortunately he rolled badly on his flee roll and I caught him.

At this point my opponent had to go and catch a train, we agreed that I wouldnt be able to wipe out his Cold Ones, and that he would kill the Cannon, in the end I won by 840 points.

So that was two wins from two games so far this month. Just Orcs and Goblins left to come now, hopefully with Pictures next time.

Warhammer Escalation League, Round 2 - Game 1

In the first game of the Month against Tom’s Warriors of Chaos it got used. I had my unit of Longbeards and the Lord in a formation of 3 ranks, 10 wide.

Wolfrik appeared with a unit of 40 Marauders with Shield, Light Armour and Flails directly behind my unit, add in a Mark of Khorne and the combat was going to interesting to say the least.

In front of my Longbeards was a unit of Marauder Horsemen with the Mark of Khorne. I had the option to charge the Horsemen, but with them being Fast Cav, and me not being sure if they would run away or stand and take it I decided against it.

Instead I reformed by Dwarves into a unit 5 wide, 6 deep. The aim was to give me Steadfast. In the following turn those Longbeards became the Jam in a Marauder Sandwich. As they charged by Dwarf Lord set the Oathstone… live or die those Dwarves did not intend to move.

Here is a shot of how the combat ended up looking like (apologies for the poor quality):

In the ensuing combat, Wolfrick Challenged the Dwarf Lord, and both of them flailed very ineffectually at each other. Wolfrick landing one wound, which I save, and me with two hits, managed to roll a double 1 for my wounds. During the pause in their Challenge they turned to watch the rest of the combat.

The Marauders in the front killed 2 Dwarves, as did the Horsemen in the back. So 4 Dwarves down, but because of the Oathstone, and the number of models I had, I still had 10 Attacks from the front two ranks, and 10 Attacks from the back two Ranks.

My 10 men on the back got to hit back and managed 8 hits, and 8 wounds! Of the 9 Horsemen that Charged me, only 1 Survived, giving me a huge boost to my combat resolution. My Dwarves on the front only managed to kill 4 Marauders (which is what I would expect from 11 attacks, hitting on 3’s and wounding on 3’s.)

Even adding in the Combat boost for Charging I won the combat by 4, which was enough to see Wolfrick fleet back off the board edge he came on, along with all of this Maruaders. The one remaining horsemen passed his test , and sat there waiting for the next turn.

My first chance to test out the combat prowess of the Dwarves and it succeeded admirably, however I also outpointed my opponent quite heavily.

I will be the first to admit, that I have had a lot of doubts as to how well I would do in combat against the Marauders, and the main reason I changed the formation was because of a load of Theory hammer I did comparing Ironbreakers to that unit of Marauders (minus Wolfrick). Turns out it was a good decision… this time.

Admittedly I rolled better than average, had I not done so then I would have only got 4 wounds on the Marauder Horsemen, and of them being saved would have resulted in me losing combat, which is why I went for Steadfast by changing my formation as I didn’t reckon the averages would do that well for me.

So now I have to figure out what I want to add to this list for 1250 points. Well you will get that post in another months time. Any hints and tips are more than welcome!

Warhammer Escalations League, Round 2

Another month, another Round/Season for the escalation league being run by Kingdom of Adventure. So this month the points value is upped by 250 points, bring us to 1000 points to spend.

My Three games this month were:

Warriors of Chaos (Tom)
Orcs & Goblins (Shaun)
Dark Elves (Stuart)

With this in mind I built a quite different list for my Dwarves from the 750 points I used last time.

This time I have focussed a bit more on Combat… also see if you can spot the obvious mistake in my Army list… one that I didn’t realise till midway through my first game.

Dwarf Lord: Great Weapon, Talisman with Master Rune of Spite, Armour with Rune of Stone, Shield, Oath Stone

Dwarf Warriors (10); Shields, Full Command
Dwarf Longbeards (30); Shields, Full Command, Standard with Master Rune of Grungi

Cannon; Engineer
Cannon; Engineer, Rune of Burning

Total: 996 Points.

So did you spot the mistake? In honesty you probably would only see it if you are a Dwarf Player.

My Dwarf Lord has a rule allowing him to take Longbeards without the usual requirement of a pre-req of Dwarf Warriors.

A unit of 13 of them was simply there to allow me to get Longbeards in, and in my haste to write the list I forgot! What’s worse is I used army builder so it would have allowed me to do it. Ah well.

The Dwarf Lord is a good option… very good for dealing with opposing Characters, and in 1000 points my enemy will likely have 1 maybe 2 characters, so killing one of those, potentially the General is extra Victory points.

The Oathstone was in there so I could survive multiple combats, as I expect some units to be able to Pile on combat with me in multiple charges.

Landship Models!

More pretty pictures from Spartan games. A bit late on posting this, but thats Christmas and a backlog of posts for you.

This time pictures of painted landships, mainly for the FSA & Blazing Sun. We get to see the mobile Whitehouse first seen in digital renders.

We also get to see the Blazing Sun Walker. Another batch of models, and another load of them for me to fall in love with.... I swear Spartan games seem to have a direct line to my creative centre as this game is just gonna cost me a fortune.

The Path of Chaos

Editted to include information on Wounds, and how a Character may die!

This post is something that has been bouncing around in my head for a while, so I figure I would put it out there and see what if any feedback I got from you, my wonderful readers. It may be a bit of a curve ball for Christmas Eve, but I wouldnt want to be predictable.

Now my Warriors of Chaos army was (I say was as I am in the process of selling all the models, but that doesn't mean an idea shouldn't be posted lol.) going to start off as an unmarked and unbranded army, however as games progress and the army gets played the Characters are going to get upgrades.

They also have the chance to die. Each Character gets a number of Wounds equal to the the wounds on their profile. Each time they die in Battle they lose a wound. If they reach 0 wounds then each further time they take a toughness test. If they fail the toughness test then they are dead! You need to remove their name from your roster, and begin a new Character from scratch!

Until I have one of my Characters with a Mark of Chaos the rest of the army is not going to get a chance to receive a Mark. That seems only fair, because you wouldnt follow someone who promised you Blessings of the Dark Gods and then you go and get their Blessing first.

So how was I going to work this? Well in a very similar way to that of my Dwarf army, but I am going to operate an Experience system for my Characters, and when they have a Suitable Mark my units will also be able to get Experience.

It is going to be a very simple system, as I don't want anything to give me a headache, just to add a little more attachment and flavour. So here is how I am going to work it:

+1 Experience for Suriving the Battle
+1 Experience for Winning the Battle
+10 Experience for Killing a Character or Monster
+1 Experience for Winning a Challenge.
+1 Experience for each Irrsistable Force
+1 Experience for each Kill, either in Close Combat or through Magic.

No negatives in this system, if the Character dies then they lose a life, and as discussed previously, if they lose enough lives then they have to start passing toughness tests each time they die... failing one with no lives left means they die, and I have to go and recruit a new Character who will then start to skill up.

So what does the experience get me?

Well here is how it is going to work. The Characters are going to have to spend experience to get Marks of Chaos, Magic Items, or to be upgraded to a Lord slot character.

Mark of Chaos: 20 Experience
Magic Item: 30 Experience
Lord Upgrade: 50 Experience

The first two should be easy to obtain as I hope it wont take them too long to get this experience, the third will take a bit of working towards, but that is fine.

So who are my current, unmarked Characters? Well here we go:

General Freich the Flayer
Exalted Champion of Chaos, Shield, Chaos Runesword
As my General I felt that Freich should start with some Magic item, this explains to some degree why he is the General.
Freich was abandoned by his parents at a very young age, and lived on the streets of Middenheim. During this time he quickly learnt to beg or steal to survive. At the age of 12 he was offered an oppourtunity of work by local gang. The gang itself specialised in highway robbery, and it was at the age of 13 the Freich killed his person. One of their intended victims fought back and tried to escape on foot, however Freich tracked him through the forest, and in the dead of night attacked. He managed to subdue the travller with ease, and then proceeded to flay him over by his camp fire. Freich never knew what possessed him to perform such a brutal act, however once he had begun on the path it unlocked something within him. He proceeded to hunt travllers during the night. When the gang leader found out he was disgusted, killing people for money was one thing, but the actions that Freich took were another. He and his men tried to ambush Freich at their camp, however Freich eluded them. Somehow he knew that he had to leave, just minutes before they arrive. Freich began to wander, and his wandering took him to the blighted Chaos Waste. When there he found had a vision of Tzeentch, calling him to power and demanding that he seek out Tzeentch's blessing through battle. During the vision Freich was given a Blade and Armour, when he woke the blade was in his hand, the armour on his body. Since then Freich has travelled the wastes gathering an army to do Tzeentch's bidding, and win the Gods favour.

Bas Glanch the Bearer
Exalted Champion of Chaos, Battle Standard, Additional Hand Weapon
Bas Glanch does not know where he was born, nor does he remember his childhood. The first thing he remembers are the Chaos Wastes. He was without purpose until he was found by Friech. Or rather until he found Friech. He saw the lone warrior searching the wastes and was drawn to him. Bas does not remeber how he got the armour or weapons he carried, nor did he understand what the banner he had would be used for. When he found Friech he felt something, somewhere 'click' into place. It was a click that he heard clearly in his head as he approached Friech, a click that Friech heard too. From that moment on they were bound together, and Bas follows Friech sure in the knowledge that he is right where he is meant to be.

Ulstar the Wizard
Chaos Sorcerer, Lore of Death, Level 2, Dispel Scroll
Ulstar was once a member of the Colleges of Magic, and while there he spent his time devoted to studying and learning the Lore of Death. His studies allowed him to finely control the magical power that Death possessed, and this knowledge helped fuel his quest for power. All those who got in his way while he worked towards attaining a higher rank within the Colleges of Magic would mysteriously die. It wasnt until one of his would be targets survived that he was found out, and he barely fled in time to keep his life. He then hired himself out to the outlying Empire towns and villages. During this time he was confronts with Freich, he tried casting his magic to rid the town that was paying him of this nuisance Warrior of Chaos, and it all failed. When Freich drew close, he found himself unable to strike Ulstar down. Then out of nowhere they both experienced a vision of the Shared glory they would gain if they worked together, the boon of Tzeentch if they could only gain the Gods favour. Ulstar saw how he could gain more power, and Freich saw how he could use Ulstar to the Gods will. From then then Freich joined forces with Ulstar, and both wrecked havoc wherever they went. At this time Freich's army began to grow, with three powerful followers of Chaos men started to follow him.

Warhammer - Dark Elf Army Lists

So I have decided to have a look at a few different armies and army lists for Warhammer.

Now Dark Elves were my first Warhammer army, and really were an army I enjoyed playing way back in 2002. I ended up having to sell them as a Cash Strapped student who need the money to move house...

I have decided to aim for a 2250 point list.

So why the article title? Well I am open to suggestions for how to tweak this, there are a few things to bear in mind when making suggestions.

I would like to avoid some of the things that I have heard and read people QQ'ing about. Mainly - Shades, War Hydras, Shades and Repeater Crossbows. Repeater Bolt Throwers I dont like given the new Warmachine rules as 2 wounds makes them easier to kill... well in my opinion at least.

Anyway... bearing in mind those restrictions here is what I have written so far. No Lores Chosen as I dont have the rulebook with me to help me choose them.

I basically have two 2250 point lists... so advice on either is welcome.

Supreme Sorceress - Sacrificial Dagger

Death Hag - Altar of Khaine
Death Hag - BSB - Standard of Hag Graef
Sorceress - Dispell Scroll, Tome of Furion

Dark Elf Warriors (45), Shields, Full Command, Banner of Murder.
  - Assassin: Additional Hand Weapon, Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine

Corsairs (40), Full Command, Handbows, Sea Serpent Standard

Har Ganeth Executioners (15), Full Command
Witch Elves (15), Full Command
Blackguard of Naggarond (10), Full Command

Overall Points: 2249.

It has 5 units in total for the enemy to deal with which isnt too bad for a relatively elitest army like the Dark Elves.. a Gun line might have a lot of fun dealing with me on my Way across the table, which is where I hope the Magic will come in useful.

Compared to my Normal Army this list takes part in 3 of the four phases, and even can occaisionally do some shooting.

The second list is:

Death Hag; Altar of Khaine
Sorceress; Level 2
Sorceress; Level 1, Tome of Furion, Dispel Scroll
Death Hag; BsB, Standard of Hag Graef

Corsairs (38); Full Command, Handbows, Sea Serpent Standard
Dark Elf Warriors (40); Full Command
- Assassion; Additional Hand Weapon, Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine

SpecialHar Ganeth Executioners (30); Full Command
Witch Elves (30); Full Command, Banner of Murder

This list relies on 4 Horde units... each is able to absorb a lot of punishment and the Altar of Khaine will give 1 of them that extra survivability for the first turn or so to get into combat.

It has a bit of magic... 4 attempts to get that big spell to take out one of my enemies uber units so it certainly has potential.

As ever feedback welcome.

Spartan Games Forums

The a nice bonus to playing Spartan Games...

Well as we all know from the long time we have played wargames, rules just aren't perfect.

Either due to a poorly described rule, or due to a badly written rule. Mis-prints also dont help, players can also add to the problem, exploiting loop holes in the rules.

Spartan games are not exempt from these mistakes and while I have so far found this book to be a lot better than the Firestorm or Uncharted Seas books (no see Page XX mistakes), there have been a few that got in, and the more the game is played the more will be found. 

However Spartan games have an official Errata thread on their forums which will list all the mistakes. This has been posted on and looks to be being update as the mistakes are found and highlighted by the community.

The Forums for Spartan games are an awesome resource to anyone playing any of their game systems, and I advise you all to have a look to see what information, tactics, painting advice, fleet building advice there is there.

I strongly recommned if you are interested heading over to their forum, and signing up so you can take part in the discussions they are having!

A Dwarf Tale

My name is Karzak Gurnissan. These last few weeks have been so trying that I felt the need to record what has happened. At least this way should I and my mine fall to the forces of Chaos there will be something to be found, so that the Grudge may be settled.

It all began a few weeks ago when reports came into our stronghold of a Chaos Warhost sited in the lands surrounding us. We had several mining encampments and two breweries located in these lands.

Immediately my Lord Gortenk mustered our warriors and we marched out to remove this Chaos stain from our lands. It took us two weeks to locate them, and then another week of careful preparation to lure the Chaos to our artillery. That first fateful day did not go well.

As the massed ranks of Chaos approached us our Artillery and Handguns opened up as soon as they good, scores of Chaos scum fell to our shots, but always there were more to replace them. The dreaded Chaos knights charged Lord Gortenk and his personal body guard. Despite the ferocity of the charge Lord Gortenk and his Runic Hammer soundly beat them, sending them fleeing away from us. Alas my brethren were unable to keep pace with the Chaos knights and destroy them utterly.

It was at this point that their Giant revealed itself, outflanking my Lord and his kin, forcing them to regroup and meet its charge. One of our cannons took aim and managed to hit it full in the body, although the giant looked grievously hurt it kept moving inexorably towards my Lord. It bore the cursed mark of Slannesh and struck with astounding speed. When my Lord was able to attack it, his blows had no effect. Then it made the most awful sound I have ever heard. Whenever I think of it I have to drink several Mugs of Ale to steady my hand even now. I have seen many things in my time, but never before I have seen my Lord or his men run from anything, this time they did. The Giant with a look of glee on its face chased them down, scattering the bodyguard, my Lord and his shield bearers.

During this fight I was with the Longbeards, we had manoeuvred and lured the Chaos General into combat. He challenged me and I willingly accepted. The fight didn’t last long as he and his steed could not find their way round my armour, the blows I landed however were far more effective. I slew the scum with two resounding blows, the first removed his shield and the mutated arm that held it, then second took off his head. After that success we moved forward and engaged a unit of Chaos Warriors in combat, destroying them as well. Those were the two high points of the battle for us, after this the Chaos forces had destroyed most of our forces, they then moved on, obviously seeing us as no threat.

Thanks to the hardiness of our kind we did not lose too many lives. One of the hardest deaths to take was that of my Lord. The Giant caused him too many wounds even for a Dwarf to survive. Upon his death the remaining ten members of his body guard took off their armour, storing with our food supplies. They then sought out the Dragon Slayer Glakor. Under his instruction they have taken the path of the slayer. They did want to leave us to seek their doom away from the clan. I convinced them to stay pointing out that I aim to hunt down the Chaos scum, and that would present innumerable opportunities for them to seek their death. While losing the Skills of the Hammerers is a severe blow. Replacing them with our Slayer kin may make up that loss.

At the next Outpost we found we left the Hammerer armour with them, they will arrange its delivery back to the Clanhold so it can be re used, and hopefully absolved of the shame it was discarded in. At this outpost I managed to bolster our numbers back to where we had been before the battle. We did not lose any full fighting unit, but nearly all of them required reinforcing.

I managed to requisition an additional unit of Warriors along with Thane Grungi Hammerblow. When I say requisition I mean just that it cost me a small fortune in treasure to convince them to join us as the grudge was not theirs. All in all our force should now be capable of crushing the Chaos scum when we next meet. As a gift I presented Grungi with my lords Runic Hammer, something I was not yet ready to wield.

Runesmith Varek survived the battle although he had to drag himself from under a pile of bodies. During the battle his Rune of Spell Breaking was destroyed, and he does not have the time to replace it. It does mean we may be vulnerable to magic in our next encounter but the Chaos followers did not have a wizard with them.

We are trailing the Chaos army after we found a destroyed mining camp. They are not trying to hide their presence so they must be looking for a fight. Something I am going to be very happy to oblige them with…

Recon Fighter

So while musing my Dystopian War models, I decide that I wanted a slightly different way to represent the Tiny Tokens that were my Recon Flight.

These babies get to attach themselves to a Massive or Large class of ship, they then do not have to stay close to them, and are allowed to move around the battlefield quite happily.

They grant the ship a bonus of +1 to hit against any target that is in line of sight of the Recon Fighter. So if you normally needed 4's you would score a hit on a 3 instead. A nature 6 is the only way to get two hits and roll again though.

To represent these daredevil pilots (cause lets face it a Recon Flight basically has speed going for it and not much else) I decide to build them a special stand, show below in all its glory.

I wont lose track of where my Recon Flight is which is good, because something like that can be easy to forget.

The design of the stand is very simple... I took a Spartan Square base that I had spare (long story), and a Games Workshop flight stand. I then pushed the flight stand upside down into the Square base, clipped off the excess sticking out the other side and viola. One Recon Flight stand.

A simple thing, but one I think will prove usful, and doesnt look too bad. I can, depending on how adventerous I want to be, look at making the top of the stand an exact match for the Tiny Token... but not sure about that just yet.

2000 points of Dwarves

While I havent managed many games of Warhammer in the new Edition, here is a 2000 point Dwarf list that I hope to be able to use soon.

It does not have a lot of anti-magic, but it does have a nice basis of shooting, and a good solid block for combat.

Obviously the best way to find out how the army works is to play it, so I look forward to the chance to try it out and see how it performs.

For the Ironbreakers I am looking at picking up a box set of the Mantic Dwarves as they are different enough, and will save me a chunk of money.

Daemon Slayer; Rune of Speed x 2, Master Rune of Alaric the Mad

Runesmith; Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking, Shield
Thane: BsB, Rune of Valaya
Thane: Oathstone, Shield, Runic Weapon, Rune of Fury x 2, Armour: Rune of Stone, Preservation

Dwarf Warriors (38); Shields Full Command
Thunderers (10)
Thunderers (10)

Cannon; Forging
Cannon; Forging, Burning
Ironbreakers (20); Full Command, Master Rune of Grungi


Corrected the post as some parts of it were less than clear.

Prussians - Work in Progress

 Ok, so another post for my Dystopian Wars... probably posting too often at the moment, most of you will be sick of my website...well I hope not.

So here we have some Work in Progress shots of the Prussian Navy being painted up.

The steps I have taken for this are quite simple:

1. Undercoat Black
2. Drybrush a Metallic Metal Colour
3. Pick out the Deck Sections with a Brown
4. Paint the grating around the main turrets Red, I used Scab Red from the GW range.

So onto the pictures, here are fours shots of the Battleship, still missing its middle turret as that one I will leave interchangable for another turret or a generator.

Now we have the Cruiser shots, to keep the fleet looking uniformed I have stuck with the same scheme. It also makes it easier to add future models to the collection.

Finally we have two shots of a Frigate in progress.

All of the models still need lots of work, but these pictures will make sure I get the finished products posted here.

I was going to post some pictures of the Prussian Airship, however I changed my mind on how I was going to paint that so its not really got much going for it at the moment.

Warhammer Escalation League - November Report

Last month was the first month of our Warhammer Escalation League. This is being run over the next 6 months at my local store KoA.

The first month we had three games and 750 points per game. The list had to be written in advance and could not be changed for the duration of the month.

As a refresher, the list I used last month was:


10 Thunderers
10 Thunderers
1 Cannon
1 Cannon
1 Bolt Thrower
1 Bolt Thrower
1 Organ Gun

This list was all out shooting (as you can see) and hoped to inflict enough casualties to stop the enemy getting to me.

Now my opponents were:

Chaos Warriers

I played all three games (technically). My first was against an Empire opponent who decide the best course of option was to stay out of my line of sight.

It was a tight game with very few points in it, however in the end I managed to kill his two Mortars and won by 150 points.

The second match against the Chaos was a game of two halves. The first half had me attempting to wreak unholy havoc on the enemy as it advanced across the table to me. This had nominal success as my dice didnt quite stand upto the challenge. In the second half of the game he got into combat with me and did what I know anyone would do to me in combat... he wiped me out.

The end result of this... I lost by about 146 points.

My Third game was against the Undead, and was not played... my opponent had gone for Cairn Wraiths and an Ethereal Vampire... meaning I could only kill it by combat resolution as I had no magic weapons in my army... and with no combat units I conceded the game.

His other units were stupidly large units of Zombies, which I could not inflict suffucient casualties on to kill them, before he raised more into them. So call me a fool (and please feel free to) but I concede before the game began as that was a massive failure on my part when writing my army list.

Lessons for Decmeber:
Need Magical Attacks of some sort
Shooting isnt all that
Combat will happen.

I will post again in January to let you know what 1000 point list I used and how it did... hopefully this time with Pictures.

A Quick Game - Photos

Another quick post, top loaded with pictures.

Here are the few shots that are usable from the quick game of Dystopian Wars that my brother and I managed a couple of days after I got the book.

Having not read the rules fully we got a few bits wrong, but generally had a good laugh. Apologies for the poor quality of the terrible paint jobs.

Here are two shots of the initial setup we managed. We are basically playing on the back of a Games Workshop gaming mat, with a series of hills representing islands. It is a black black sea!

The shot below shows two frigates out of a squadron of three, both down to 1 hit point each. Useful to point out that if you dont allocate your shots right the enemy might have lots of half damaged models ready to strike back!

Here is the Pride and joy of the Prussian Airforce. As you can see I decided to keep the squadrons on the Carrier at the beginning of the game, and the flight deck is conviently the right length to place all the tokens on it... a good way methinks to mark out what has actually landed on the Carrier and what has taken off! You will notice this is where I had my Fleet Commodore by the token on its base.

With a shot of one Carrier I couldnt resist a shot of the other. Again my brother places his Commodore on his Carrier too, then surrounded it with Tiny Tokens and a few frigates for fire support. Still all of that was not enough to stop a Rudder Damage and 3 hull points being done to it.

(Yes I appreciate the Six tokens infront of the Carrier exceed the maximum squadron size for Tiny Tokens... and yes we didnt play the fuel rules in this game).

And here as a final shot a brief high up shot of the battle in progress. Hopefully next time I post these pictures we will have blue seas, real Islands and more painted Mini's.

What can I say... I was desperate to have a game lol.

Spartan Games – Blog roll

Now I am sure I am not the only website out there that is posting information about the Dystopian Wars.

There is a tonne of info on the Spartan Games Forum, and at Fathoms Reach.

However neither of them currently have a Blog roll for people who Blog about Spartan games.

So my intent? Well that’s simple; I will accept any and all Blogs that post information on their Blog relating to any of the 3 Main Games that Spartan Games Produce. So that includes Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada and the Dystopian Wars.

This will help increase the visibility of all of our blogs, and makes it easier to find information on Spartan Games, tactics, and hobby tips.

This site doesn’t pull in huge numbers of hits a week, but at least people who look for Spartan Games stuff when they come here will be able to find other websites too.

If you would like me to add your Blog to this Blog roll then please drop me a line a comment below.

Also if you have the space, time and inclination if you can start a similar Blog roll on your website then please do. I think Spartan Games produces some very nice games, and increasing awareness of them, and the coverage they get, in addition to making content easier to find is always going to be a good thing. If you do start one, feel free to add this Blog, and don’t forget to throw a shout out for Fathoms Reach too!

So far my list only has a couple of Blogs, but this will hopefully grow over time, and if we can get a good link between all the Blogs going, it should become a good tool for people regarding Spartan Games.

So a quick bullet point:

If you Blog about any of Spartan Games Products (in Particular Dystopian Wars) then post a comment on this thread to get yourself added to the Blogroll.

Model Associate Rules - MARs

Apologise if you read the initial posting of this... my bloggin betrayed me by posting random comments and bits at the bottom of the post... turns out you should proof read your posts before scheduling!

I have seen a lot of people asking for information on the difference in the races in the Dystopian Wars so they can figure out which one they want to play.

My opinion of this is that people should do their best to pick the Nation that has the models they like the most... you are gonna have to look at them, so it makes sense.

However I know people also like to know what type of things their Nation of choice will excel at. Now I am sure that you can find out the stats of the different ships to compare the different races, BUT where the real difference lies is in the Model Associate Rules (or MARs for short).

These rules can make the same model have two different purposes. One may mean your weapons kill Assault Points, making the ship more vulnerable to boarding, and less capable of launching one. In this case your fleet would be a lot more comfortable getting up close and personnal with the enemy.

Another rule makes your carriers more likely to suffer from being Critically Hit.

Even the Tiny Tokens benefit from it, with some moving an extra 2" a turn, to others having a chance to prevent driven off or destroyed results.

This is where the game really shines. These rules are easy enough to keep track of as the names of them are all displayed on the stat cards for your given model, however they add such a different feel to the fleets it can completely change the way in which you play your fleet.

You can ignore the rules (and I would suggest doing so for your first game or two) but when you add them in they bring extra flavour to the fleets and the game, it also helps spark you imagination as the armies wage war and fight their battles.

Dystopian Wars - More Previews!

So another day another post... this is what happens when I have so many things I want to post about, and trying to keep up with the new stuff that Spartan games are throwing out. This is about a week late, as I believe Spartan Games posted it on the 3rd December, but late or not here is their latest render.

Below is a preveiw of the new French Battleship that will be released in the future. 

It has been confirmed by Spartan that when this model is released the box you get will include a flying version (so the complete model shown below) and a Sea Line version for use when flying just wont cut it (I have no idea when that will be lol).

This model is yet another example of wonderful design and with all the others they have released I have to say that I LOVE IT! 

Also I have included this weeks previews that just make me want the rumoured Aerial Battlegroups even more!

Here they are for Britannia

The FSA:

The Prussian Empire
 The Empire of the Blazing Sun:

 Finally below is a shot of all the renders next to each other.

So another batch of Previews, and another set of models that I know I will not be able to resist!

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